Here are just a few comments from past and current clients. Many clients are willing to serve as references. Please ask for contact information.
Working with Jolie has been amazing! She developed a program for me that allows me to fit exercise into my hectic schedule, right in the comfort of home. Her guidance and encouragement have kept me motivated - and the results are measurable. I've lost over six inches so far, and have gained strength and flexibility. I feel 10 years younger!

At the time I signed up to work with Jolie Glass, I had a severely compromised rotator cuff problem and a great deal of pain which sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. Under Jolie's careful watch and training I can report that I am fully cured ---something which my orthopedic surgeon did not think likely--and this came about in a very short amount of time doing weight exercises.

I wouldn't keep my fitness program on track without Jolie. She's a great "coach" who always keeps my physical and emotional needs in mind as she encourages me to do "just a little more." Working with her has made my more-fit-life very enjoyable.

Jolie Glass is a trainer who works with women of all ages, from teenagers to seniors. Speaking as one of the latter, I consider her program to be perfectly tailored to my needs. Working with Jolie gives me the confidence to exercise on my own. My workout is set at the level most appropriate for my needs. She monitors my progress, moving me on to more repetitions, heavier weights or additional exercises. When exercising entirely alone it is very easy to slip into mistakes that prevent the full benefits of a workout. Working with a trainer eliminates such backsliding.

Jolie Glass brings a professional approach to her clients. She can be counted on to be punctual, honest, and well informed. For me, it is a delight to work with her.

Jolie Glass had charge of my exercise program for over two years and she was just terrific! She is a wonderful teacher -- patient, knowledgeable, firm. And fun besides! I learned a lot from her and made some good progress! I would recommend her enthusiastically to anyone looking for a great health and fitness adviser!

Jolie is a dedicated teacher and trainer. Her patience and encouragement were invaluable to me as I worked to improve my cardiovascular fitness. Even though she's no longer at the WERC program, I still hear her voice reminding me to slow down as I train with weights.

Jolie designed personalized an exercise program for me, taking into consideration my fitness level and my health problems. I never really enjoyed exercising before, but she devised a creative program for me that I could stick to. Five years later, I'm still at it. Thanks, Jolie!

I would like to enthusiastically recommend Ms Jolie Glass as a personal trainer. As a member of the WERC (Women's Exercise Research Center) group when Jolie was its head I can tell you that she was dedicated to making certain that the program was as fulfilling as possible for all its members.

Our individual exercise programs were regularly monitored to make certain that we were on track to meet whatever goals we had set for ourselves. This program was very flexible and new routines were periodically incorporated to keep things interesting.

I've been with WERC for three years now and in large part it is due to Jolie Glass and her dedicated enthusiasm and skill. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

I worked with Jolie Glass from 1998-2002. Through her wonderful program, I gained strength, energy and flexibility. She is a fantastic trainer who is upbeat and responsive to any questions or problems one may have.

I was in an exercise program run by Jolie Glass at GWU from 1998- 2002. During that time, I found Ms. Glass to be an extremely knowledgeable and helpful instructor. She was able to design a program suited to each individual's needs and abilities, and was able to adapt our program for our use when we were "on the road." In addition, I found Ms. Glass to be a very caring person. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.
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